Vietnam Youth to Debate

Vietnam Youth to Debate (Vietnam Y2D) is the youth-led educational programme that aims to enable Vietnamese young people to become better decision makers through localizing the concept of debate as well as educating debate-related attitudes and competencies.

Vietnam Y2D is the initial stage of an emerging educational field to initiate in my home country, starting from my generation. We debate because it is FUN. Creating a safe and  fun environment is essential for learners to use up our nature of human and require transparent, open and collaborative dialogues to CHANGE.

– Hanh Vu, the Founder and Lead Facilitator –

You can read further about the programme at Frequently Asked Questions.

Our programme have involved and trained for an increasing number of youth groups nationwide:

  • Life Skills Club, Foreign Trade University, Hanoi
  • FPT University, Hanoi
  • FPT University, Da Nang
  • Environmental Club, University of Science, Vietnam University, Hanoi
  • Young Professionals Vietnam
  • University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam University, Hanoi
  • Mixed groups of adults in Government, NGOs, schools and private sector

Check-list of what to do on-now and next:

  • To continually organize trainings and activities on debate to both formal and informal groups;
  • To maintain an open Debate Club for anyone who wants to learn more about debate and its value, come to debate and talk over the resolutions;
  • To provide guidelines and technical support for both formal and informal groups to start up and develop their own Debate Club, those are connected to Vietnam Y2D’s Club;
  • To develop the website in local language for more access to resources and debate opportunities;
  • To organize Vietnam Debate Camps and tournaments;
  • To exchange resources and networks with the International Debate Education Association (IDEA) in Southeast Asia to develop the Vietnam Debate Society.

We are hungry of volunteers to make all these happen! Please contact to either get updated or physically participate/ collaborate in our activities.


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