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A draft of VietCO is the initial stage of what I dream for a transparent, learning and shareable world where people live with well-being in three watchwords: Connected – Conversation – Collaborate. In VietCo groups, people come together to enjoy the beauty of talk in every sense. By learning to express the selves more effectively, people become able to literate sustainability. VietCo is the first of its kind to make that fun, small, open, youth-led and local-based.”  

– Hanh Vu, Founder & Lead Facilitator-

The core material of VietCo is sharing platforms which are designed to strengthen attitudes and competencies of lifelong learners who are able:

  • To think by oneself (intellectual aspect)
  • To be oneself (existential aspect)
  • To be and to think in a group (social aspect)

Philosophical approach is inspired and adapted from the Institute of Philosophical Practices (France)


Debate Education: is a long-term educational programme that enables Vietnamese young people to become better decision makers, by interpreting the concept of debate into various practical ways of learning. We educate critical thinking and debate competencies through conducting courses, establishing and maintaining debate clubs in schools and providing consultancy service for learning working environments. Our stakeholders are wide ranging from youth (university students) and adult (staff of Government agencies, NGOs, enterprises and educational institutes). Vietnam Youth to Debate is the first-of-its-kind in the country. Currently our main supporting partner is the International Debate Education Association (IDEA).

SEA Youth Say So: is an online magazine that presents Southeast Asia with the views and souls of regional young people. The question we want to challenge our youth is “What does that mean to be a SEAn?”. This platform is an opportunity to develop the pool of local writers who are able to express national and regional insights in Vietnamese and English.

Citizen Journalism/ Media Literacy: We are living in a mediated society unconsciously with too much information whereas still limited learning to turn them into knowledge. The concept of Media Literacy is to prepare citizens with better critical thinking in understanding others’ and formulating their own messages. We don’t need J-words to be Citizen Journalists: anyone who experiences observation, thinking and reflection to tell better stories of what matter.

Strangers’ Meeting: The idea earns its own story starting when I used lunchtime to walk around the nearby blocks and jumped into a spontaneous chat with strangers’ groups, to learn how people are treating social relationships and how we trust. Each meeting has two main parts: Pechakucha and Gift Circle. Pechakucha is fun and challenging for attendees to sell themselves in front of strangers, while Gift Circle makes us learn about sharing and to collaborate in fulfilling our needs sustainably.

Global Dignity: The concept of ‘dignity’ caught my attention when I encountered His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon and Professor Pekka Himanen in Switzerland, Fall 2011. I shout BINGO when I realized how close their global campaign is with what I am doing for my people. Since then ‘dignity’ has become one of main themes of VietCO Groups’ platforms.

Storytelling Day: is the day for collective minds and souls of community members when they let stories told. Sometimes it is a thematic day, about love, or the movie you like, or working places. Sometimes the day is a fund-raising event where people perform music, painting or gardening. It is for all ages and backgrounds, from kids in kindergarten to our grandparents at neighborhood community.

Get Hands Dirty: is named for a network of community gardens located at public spaces that easy to access as well as to acquire knowledge and skills of communication, environmental education and collaboration. Targeting themes are urban design, lifestyle and sustainability literacy.


VietCO is enabled by engaging local facilitators, educators, learners and any community member. Please come and have a talk on how we can work it out together. The VietCo team provides both profit-making and voluntary services. When it is no longer a draft, VietCo proceeds to be the first social business who promotes the senses of individual and community in Vietnam.


To join VietCo up-to-date activities by clicking this link.
To contact the Founder via email ( and her own page.


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