[Reflection] Debate Inside-out

[Phản ánh của tôi] Lam dành 3 ngày ở Camp để viết câu chuyện này – trích dẫn dưới đây chỉ là một phần giản lược – kể từ đêm tôi thấy bạn thức, ngồi trong bồn tắm với cái máy tính. Nếu chỉ tự nó thì việc đi không thể dạy cho ta nhiều điều mà khi ở một chỗ, ta khó có cơ hội tìm thấy để học được cho mình. Những chuyến đi, những cuộc gặp, trò chuyện, tiếng cười, chia sẻ, trao đổi văn hóa bằng cách sống là mình và biết rõ nguồn gốc của mình…chỉ có thể là học tập nếu ta chấm dứt việc hài lòng về bản thân. Nhớ lại, khi ngồi uống bia một mình bên bờ sông Hoài mấy tháng trước, tôi đã viết về sự cô đơn của đi.

My time at the Debate Camp is coming to close. The week has been crazy with classes and activities running all day long. However, this is not the reason why I only started to share my story today. Something has been bugging me ….

Prior to the Camp, I simply thought I was coming here to better understand about debate teaching methods, technicalities, and to search for new ideas. However, what has actually made me more concerned is how one makes a transition from a good competitive debater to a good ‘life debater’. By ‘life debater’, I mean being able to constantly debate with everything, everyone and anything that comes into your life.

My journey so far has shown me that I may be a decent competitive debater but I am still a rubbish ‘life debater’. The first few days were very bizarre; I would come into classes with an aim to see how Y2D could be improved. However, when the class ended, my head was totally empty; I could think of no questions to ask and could hardly find anything interesting to share.

I can say with confidence that I was always a top student at school and survived well in one of the very best universities in the world packed with the so called geniuses. So although I only became familiar with debate last year when I joined the Camp, I nevertheless had already possessed pretty good critical thinking skills, analytical skills, summary skills. Yet, after two years of working in the “real world”, I haven’t seen myself progressing as much as I had wished for in terms of job performance and experience.

So, what’s wrong here? Well, I think I may have found the answer but I need more time to put it into words. For the time being, what I can say is that I need to find a way to turn my debate related skills to abilities, which is closely linked to Bin’s CO group concept. In the meantime, any ideas?

* Thank you, Lama at lam.le52@googlemail.com for sharing your story. It would be good for a number of our peers out there who have or haven’t had the same question. I have experienced so many years of adolescent to be isolated, to get hurt and to find the way all by myself. That is the thing that values us. 


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