New debate course at FPT University, Ha Noi

To satisfy FPT students’ desire of improving communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills, the Department of Personal Development, FPT University (PDP) is organising a debate course conducted in the collaboration with the “Vietnam Youth to Debate” Program.

The course is a chance for FPT students to improve communication and critical thinking skills

Debate is one of the key skills in communication, associated with critical thinking and is highly interactive. Moreover, in education, this skill is necessary and useful for learning, building up personal opinions and acquiring knowledge. However, in Vietnam context, in general and in the educational environment in particular, this skill is being omitted. This leads to awkwardness in communication, ineffectiveness in expressing and defending opinions. Wrong way of arguing turns the debate into a brawler, and personal attacks… This is not just a bad phenomenon among young people; it is also bad to the whole society.

Understanding these shortcomings, the course was proposed to be carried out with the aim of developing participants’ confidence, as well as improving their communication skills, critical thinking skills, analysing systematically skills and problem solving skills. From that, the course will be developed, expanded to more students, forming a debating culture at FPT University.

The course is expected to consist of 8 sessions, lasting for 4 weeks from 09/07/2011 to 03/08/2011. Initially, it is for 12 outstanding students selected by interviewing and submitting questionnaires. The instructor is Ms. Hanh Vu, the Founder and Manager of “Vietnam Youth to Debate” Program. She is a recognised activist in the fields of youth and sustainable development. At the end of the course, students will receive Certificates of completion of the course from FPT University.

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For origional Vietnamese article, please visit here.

Thanks Duong Le, and Lam Le, for translating this article.


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