Youth in 21st Century: Debating and Producing Media Camp Southest Asia

The Open Society Institute-Youth Initiative announces an open call for applications to select youth from Southeast Asia to participant in Youth in 21st Century: Debating and Producing Media Camp 2011.



Youth in the 21st Century: Debating and Producing Media is a regional series of workshops that will be held during the summer and early autumn of 2011 throughout the world, including Southeast Asia.  The purpose of this event is for youth in Southeast Asia to come together to discuss and learn about how to use new media to create positive social changes.  Participants will be debating about relevant issues facing this region and produce media projects about the relationship between media and society.  In two weeks, participants will learn about debate, journalism, video production, Internet communications etc. from regional experts in each field.  With instructors’ guidance, participants will also be producing their own media projects. For more information on curriculum, please visit

Location: NUBE Training Centre, Port Dickson, Malaysia

Event Date: August 10-24, 2011


This event is free of charge. Accommodation and meals are provided for participants for the entire event period (August 10-24, 2011). Participants are only responsible for their own transportation expenses to get to the event venue.  Some travel grants are available <see below>.

Financial Aids

Limited amount of travel grants are available for participants.  The award is based on merit.  All applicants will automatically be considered for travel grants  (i.e. you DO NOT need a separate application for travel grant).

Application Deadline: June 15, 2011

For further information, please feel free to contact:
Vanitha Nadaraj
Youth in 21st Century: Debating and Producing Media Camp (Southeast Asia)
Open Society Institute-Youth Initiative

To download the e-application form, click here


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